Happy Days

Im the biggest cunt, everyone knows
Im normally having a spliff or a bong, reciting eminems lyrics or being an all round mad cunt.

Don’t think I can live anymore.


Thinking of going into the cam girl business. Would anybody be intrested? And I’ll be promoting on here. And some feedback in my inbox.. Love ya’s

I just ate a tub of Ben and Jerry’s because I’m upset. help, I’m a typical teenage girl 😫


Hi I’m kay, I’m from County Durham. UK. I’m new round here, and I’m reaching out to all my tumblr dudes to give me a hand and get me some friends round here 👍.

Going to start making vintage clothing. I’ll post my conquests on here x

going to start using my tumblr again :)

My mom told me to make friends. Shit. Answering back any questions. That’s kinda socialising

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